Barefoot Teen Boys: A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story


For mature readers, 18 years and older. Thirteen-year-old Rod falls in love with Pete, who has handsome bare feet, a cute face, and a nice body. Does Rod find a boyfriend?


Barefoot Teen Boys
A Gay Coming-of-Age Love Story

Maxwell Carlsen

Copyright 2019 Maxwell Carlsen
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Chapter 1

Late May 1984

555-5319. Thirteen-year-old Rod dialed his new friend’s phone number. The hot Arizona summer sun was shining through the sliding glass backyard door onto Rod’s face, blinding him a little. Rod and his parents had just finished dinner. It was about five-thirty.

“Hello,” Pete’s mother answered.

“Hi. Is Pete there?”

“May I ask who’s calling?”

“Lucifer. From school.”

“Okay, Lucifer," she laughed, "Hold on a minute while I get him.”

There was a pause, and then Pete answered. “Hi, Rod.”

“Do you want to spend the night and help paint my room?”

“All right. Let me ask my mom.”

There was a momentary pause, and then Pete replied, “I can. I’ll ride over in a minute.”


“Where do you live again?” Pete asked.

“Um . . . let me get my mom to give you directions.”

“Hi, Pete," Rod's mom said. "You go all the way down your street, past the church, make a left, and go all the way down, almost to the end of the street. Our house is the one on the left with the gigantic pointed boulder in front,” she explained.


“I’ll put Rodney back on,” she said, handing Rod the phone.

“Bye,” Rod said.

“See you.”

Rod hung up the telephone and smiled. He was in love with Pete. It had been love at first sight when he’d seen Pete talking to his friends in the school cafeteria.

Rod and Pete had become buddies at the end of the seventh grade, when Rod had ventured to the other side of the cafeteria to check out the hot guys. That’s when he’d noticed Pete, talking to his friends.

Pete arrived on his red Diamondback bicycle.

He knocked on the door.

“Hi,” Pete said as Rod opened the door.

“Howdy,” Rod replied with a grin, letting Pete inside.

“We’re going to your aunt and uncle’s place tonight,” Rod’s mom informed them. “We’ll be home after ten. You two can finish painting your room, if you guys would like to. And there are sodas in the fridge and a bag of fresh popcorn on the shelf above the washing machine, but save some for your dad. You and Pete will behave and not cause any trouble? Correct?” Rod’s mom quizzed the boys, and they each nodded.

“When are you going?”

“As soon as your father is dressed. Let him know that I’ll be waiting in the station wagon,” she replied.

“Okay. Bye Mom,” Rod said as she headed toward the kitchen door.

“Wear your old shorts and an old T-shirt, and loan some old clothes to Pete, so you guys don’t get paint on your good clothes. Okay?”

“All right,” Rod said, watching his mother grab a bottle of ice cold water from the refrigerator and head outside. Then he turned his attention to his friend.

Rod smiled as he admired Pete’s handsome face and nice smooth body. He loved Pete’s handsome baby blue eyes, the same color he planned to paint his bedroom. And he adored his handsome dark hair and slight teenage mustache, which was noticeable when he looked at Pete up close.

Rod and Pete each grabbed a root beer soda and went to his room, which was empty, except for his bed, sitting in the center of the room while the painting was in progress. His dresser, desk, and other things had been moved into the living room. Rod hoped to finish painting tonight, or at least tomorrow.

Pete put his backpack with his change of clothes onto Rod’s bed.

“We’ve got a good three coats of gray primer on. We had to put on so much because the walls had been a dark green, with drawings of Sesame Street characters, done by my dad when I was a kid,” Rod explained as his dad walked in, tucking in his dress shirt. The sharp smell of cologne gradually permeated the air.

“Bye, Dad,” Rod said.

“See you,” his dad said. And then he went to the kitchen and the living room to grab his wallet and sunglasses from his desk.
“My dad took pictures of the Sesame Street characters. I’ll show you once the film is developed,” Rod said. Thinking about those drawings reminded him of how much he was loved by his parents. But, of course, he couldn’t say that! “My Dad did a great job drawing them.”

“All right. I’d like to see them.”

Rod peered through the vertical blinds as his parents’ station wagon drove down the driveway and made a turn onto the street. It left a trail of dust because Rod hadn’t yet raked the driveway as his mom has asked. There were some bare patches in the driveway due to the steady comings and goings of the cars; his job was to move the gravel back over the bare areas. I’ll get to it tomorrow, he promised himself.

Rod grinned as he felt his body quiver; his chest was tingling with love for Pete’s nice personality and body. Rod didn’t know if Pete was gay or bisexual, but he planned to find out— if he had the courage to take a chance and didn’t lose his nerve.
He set his soda can on the plastic-covered floor in the corner, and then Pete did the same.

“Let’s change,” Rod suggested, taking off his shirt.

“Where are my painting clothes?” Pete asked as he watched Rod sit and remove his shoes and socks.

“I’ll get them in a minute,” he said. Secretly, he just wanted to spend time with Pete in their underwear.

Pete removed his shirt, revealing his very handsome chest, as Rod stripped to his underwear. Then, as Rod watched, Pete stripped off his shoes, his socks, and then his shorts.

When Pete straightened, Rod noticed the large lump in his underwear. “See, now we can paint,” Rod said. “It’ll be easier this way.”
“What about some shorts?” Pete said, smiling.

Rod smacked Pete’s belly and admired his handsome feet. He could feel himself becoming sexually aroused. He just loved this guy’s handsome feet and toes. He couldn’t wait to see more.

Pete smacked Rod’s arm, but not too hard, and then Rod leaned over to smack Pete’s belly gently. Just touching him made Rod’s chest tingle with love.

“The clothes?” Pete prompted.

“Okay. I’ll get out some old shorts for us,” Rod said. He went into the living room and looked in his dresser. Pete followed and stood behind him with his arms crossed, as if he were chilly, even though the house was cool and comfortable.

Rod looked and looked, but couldn’t find any old shorts—or shirts, for that matter.

“I don’t know where my work shorts and shirt are, and I can’t find anything old for you to wear, either. Let me look in the hamper,” Rod said.

Pete followed him to the washer–dryer area.

Rod opened the door and peered into the hamper. “Nope, not there.” Then, he looked in the washing machine. “Here are my clothes—they’re all wet,” he said, wringing out the shirt over the drum as Pete watched.

“Let’s just paint the way we are,” Rod suggested. He smiled as he checked out Pete’s handsome body and feet.

"Okay," Pete replied.

Rod followed Pete back to Rod’s room. As they walked, Rod admired Pete’s small ass and noticed his hairy legs, which were also very attractive. Pete’s leg hair was dark, unlike Rod’s, which was blond, and Pete had more of it. Rod hoped Pete would like his brown eyes, which were common. Rod had a plan in mind.

Chapter 2

As Rod opened the can of baby blue paint, Pete squatted next to him. Rod carefully poured some paint in the pan. Then, each of the boys grabbed a wide bristled brush.

“Watch this,” Rod said. Feeling very horny, he decided to take a chance. He dipped his brush into the pan, brushed the paint on the wall, over the gray primer, and then pulled his underwear down to his ankles and painted the tip of his penis.

Pete burst out laughing as he pulled his own underwear down to his ankles and painted the tip of his erect penis.

“How ‘bout we paint naked?” Rod asked. “Let’s do it! My folks won’t be home ‘til after ten. That’s four hours from now.”

“Okay,” Pete said, carefully removing his underwear.

Rod flicked his underwear against the wall.

The boys laughed and laughed, and Rod felt butterflies in his chest.

After the boys had been painting for a while, Rod said, “I’m going to put on some Bee Gees.” He pressed the play button on his dual music cassette player on his bed. “Love You Inside Out” played as the boys continued to paint. Rod enjoyed being naked with the boy he loved. Then, he had an even better idea.

Chapter 3

As the boys painted, Rod placed his right foot on top of Pete’s left foot and held it there for several seconds before Pete moved away.

“That made me feel good,” Rod explained. “It really did.” He wanted to talk to Pete more about boys’ bare feet, but he wasn’t sure how to begin.

“How so?” Pete asked. “Did it make you feel horny?”

“It did. And it made my soles feel good, too,” Rod admitted.

“Oh, okay," Pete smirked and giggled.

“Let me try it again,” Rod said, placing his foot back on top of Pete’s. This time, he pressed down a little harder.

“How does that feel?” Pete asked. “Still horny?”


“You know what I really like?” Pete explained, “When I pinch my nipples. It makes them feel great. I want my lover to someday pinch them as we make love,” he said.

Rod blushed and turned away. After he regained his composure, he moved his foot back. “Let me pinch them. I want to know if that makes you feel good,” he said, wanting both of them to be in love and to care about each other’s feelings.

Rod pinched gently.

“A little harder,” Pete said. Rod did so, and Pete smiled.

“How’s that?” Rod asked. His heart was pounding out of his chest with exhilaration. “Do you feel good?”
“Yes. Please. Do it again.”
Rod pressed down on Pete's foot, making his heart pound even harder.
That’s when it happened.

Chapter 4

Rod leaned forward and kissed Pete’s cheek! He felt his face blush ever so much. Then, their eyes met. Pete smiled and kissed Rod on the lips. Then, they French kissed, holding each other.

Afterward, they held hands as they painted, and Rod knew his scheme had worked. He was madly in love. Pete seemed very happy. Rod wanted to be his boyfriend. He knew sex was sacred, and he wanted to wait until he was older to make love. He hoped Pete felt the same way about sex.

The boys continued to paint until they had put two coats on. It was now a little after nine.

“Let’s go for a swim,” Rod said, feeling very happy.

"All right," Pete replied.

The boys wandered into the living room. “Here,” Rod exclaimed. “You can bring my old suit, so if my folks come home early, we can quickly put something on.” They carried the suits to the backyard.

Rod and Pete sat on the edge of the pool in the shallow end. Then, Rod started showing off. He pulled his right foot up to his face and licked his big toe. “People in love, go for it, and do everything that lovers do,” Rod said because he was in love. Then, he licked his toe again.

Pete smiled and held Rod’s hand tight. Then, they jumped in the pool and started swimming.

When they took a break down at the deep end, Rod shared, “I’m sensitive, compared to most people. I’m more romantic than insensitive men. And I’m a great lover,” he added. “Sensitive people at schools in China are popular because sensitivity is valued highly there. Here, sensitive people are often picked on and bullied.”

“I’m sensitive, too,” Pete said. “I guess. I never thought about me being different from other people.”

They swam some more, taking turns jumping off the diving board and having a blast. Rod had never had so much fun. He felt so much in love. When they heard Rod’s parents arrive, Rod and Pete quickly French kissed one more time and then put on their suits.
The boys went into the house to greet Rod’s parents.

“Hi,” Rod said as he let his parents inside the kitchen door. “How was everything?” he asked.

“Good. Your aunt and uncle are doing fine.”

“Good,” Rod exclaimed.

“How’s your room?” his mom asked.

“It’s done,” Rod announced.

“Good. I can’t wait to see it,” his mom said. Rod and Pete followed his parents to his room.

“Awesome,” his dad praised, as his mom and dad inspected the walls.

“If you’d like, you two can clean up and put everything back into your room,” his dad announced.

Pete helped Rod remove the plastic covering from the floor and put Rod’s things back, including his dresser and desk. They were soon done, except for hanging up Rod’s posters, which they’d do tomorrow. By eleven thirty, everyone had gone to bed.

Chapter 5

Rod lay in bed, and Pete lay on the floor in Rod’s sleeping bag. Pete held a flashlight. Rod held his small battery-operated lantern that he used in Boy Scouts. In their underwear, they bantered.

“I’ve had a lot of fun with you,” Pete said. He lowered his voice in such a way that Rod hoped more than ever that Pete would be his boyfriend.

“So have I,” Rod replied softly, getting out of bed to lock his bedroom door. Then he asked Pete, “Would you like to be with me in my bed?” and held his hand down to Pete.

Pete grabbed his hand and stood. They went in Rod’s bed, under the covers, and cuddled. The air-conditioned air felt cool on their faces. Rod hugged Pete.

“Pete,” Rod asked, ”will you go out with me? You know. Be my boyfriend, but keep our love a secret?” he asked, knowing they’d be ostracized at school if their relationship came out. Then, he kissed Pete’s lips.

“All right. I’ll go out with you. But don’t ever tell anyone,” Pete said.

“Do you love me?” Rod asked, “Do you? I’m in love with you.”

“Yes, I do.”

Pete yawned, which gave Rod an idea.

“Let me rub your feet as you lie on your belly and fall asleep,” Rod said, feeling his heart threatening to pound out of his chest.

“Okay,” Pete said, kissing Rod on the lips quickly.

Pete lay on his belly on the sleeping bag. Rod put the lantern down to illuminate Pete’s feet, then squatted and rubbed Pete’s soles, heels, and toes, which had been neatly manicured, making tonight even more fun. Rod felt his heart pound out the top of his head and onto the ceiling as he rubbed and rubbed. His own soles tingled with delight as he massaged Pete’s feet. He loved Pete! Being with Pete made him feel so much love and joy, like never before. Rod wanted to be with Pete for all eternity, rubbing his feet and making Pete feel relaxed and happy, just like him.


About the Story:

For mature readers, 18 years and older. Thirteen-year-old Rod falls in love with Pete, who has handsome bare feet, a cute face, and a nice body. Does Rod find a boyfriend?

About the Author:

Maxwell Carlsen is an author of gay coming-of-age love stories. Maxwell lives in the southwestern United States.